Factsheets and Research Briefs


November 2012 -- CReATE is pleased to release a series of Factsheets about five of the most pressing education issues in the 2012-2013 Illinois legislative season. Highlighting numerous studies about the nation, the state of Illinois, and the city of Chicago, these Factsheets share a common message. They tell us that the research is clear: Several of the most common and commonsensical reforms have not only been unsuccessful at improving schools, but more significantly, have already proven to make things worse as school governance becomes less democratic, school funding becomes more inequitable, and public education becomes far less capable of serving the needs of the children of Chicago and Illinois.

Factsheet on Charter School Funding (November 2012)
Factsheet on Charter Schools (November 2012) 
Factsheet on  School Closures, Governance and Accountability (November 2012)
Factsheet on School Funding Formulas (November 2012)
Factsheet on Tax Increment Financing (TIF) (November 2012) 


Research Brief #1 Testing Today in Context: History, Impact, and Alternatives (February 2012)

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Research Brief #2 Increasing Safety Through Restorative Justice: 
Making Schools Safer for Girls and LGBTQ Students of Color in Chicago’s Public Schools (April 2012)
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Research Brief #3 Tax Increment Financing and Chicago Public Schools Construction Projects (June 2012)

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Research Brief #4 Beyond the Classroom: An Analysis of a Chicago Public School Teacher’s Actual Workday (June 2012)
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Research Brief #5 School Closures (March 2013)
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CReATE Statement on Chicago School Reform: Myths, Realities, and New Visions (February 2015)

CReATE Letter on Teacher and Principal Evaluation (March 2012)

CReATE Statement on Chicago School Reform: Myths, Realities, and New Visions (June 2011)
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